Rider Policies: Fixed Shuttle Lines

Please review Tulane Shuttles and Transportation rider policies for fixed shuttle lines. 

  • An employee (faculty and staff), student, or affiliate (with approved sticker) Tulane Splash Card is required to use Tulane Shuttles & Transportation fixed shuttle lines. Each patron must present their own ID card upon boarding the vehicle. Members of the Loyola University community must present their own Loyola Express Card upon boarding fixed shuttle lines. For more information on approved ID cards, please read the official ID policy.
  • Riders with an employee or student Splash Card or Loyola Express Card are allowed to bring four guests on the shuttle lines.
  • No open food or drinks are allowed on Tulane shuttles. Food must remain in a closed container and all drinks must have a lid. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on shuttles.
  • No smoking (including vaping) is permitted on shuttles. For more information, see the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy.
  • Tulane shuttle drivers are expected to focus on driving. Please keep conversations with driver to a minimum. Riders must listen to all driver instructions and carefully listen for their appropriate stop.
  • Riders must remain behind the white line when the vehicle is in motion. Riders who choose to stand must hold on to the bar or hang strap handles.
  • When exiting the vehicle, please gather all personal belongings. Tulane Shuttles & Transportation is not responsible for any belongings left on the vehicle.
  • If a rider wishes to use the bike rack, they must verbally inform the driver before placing their bike in the rack. Upon entering the vehicle, riders must let the driver know at which stop they will exit and collect the bike.
  • Tulane shuttles are public spaces. Please be mindful of phone or personal conversations.
  • Riders who wish to listen to music are expected to use headphones. Please be mindful and consider the volume of music in headphones so it is not distracting to other passengers.