Rider Policies

Rider Policies

Please read the following rider policies carefully before boarding Tulane Shuttles and Transportation vehicles. 

Tulane Students, Staff, and Faculty

A Tulane Splash Card is required to use any of the Tulane Shuttles and Transportation services. All faculty, students, or staff must present their Splash Card before boarding one of our vehicles. Each patron may bring one guest* and must be present with their guest for the duration of the transit service.


On campus transit service is extended to guests visiting the uptown campus. This includes access to the uptown campus fixed shuttle lines, on-demand transit (contacting Shuttles & Transportation office prior to visit), and special on-campus event shuttles when the origin and destination begin and end on the uptown campus is available to guests without a Tulane affiliate present. Rider policies for minors outlined below apply.

*Please be aware that minors who can use the seat belts in the vehicle are the only minors permitted to board our vehicles. Rear or forward-facing infant or child car seats, and child booster seats are not permitted in our vehicles. Minors are not allowed to sit on the lap of an adult. Minors are not permitted to sit in the front passenger seat(s) of the vehicle. 


Eligible ID Cards

The following Splash Cards allow the issued holder to ride any fixed shuttle line or the On-Demand service:

  • Student Splash Card (undergraduate & graduate)
  • Faculty Splash Card
  • Staff Splash Card
  • International Dependent Splash Card**

**Dependents who are minors cannot board our vehicles without a Tulane affiliate present. The guest polices for minors outlined above apply.


Tulane Shuttle Affiliate Ridership Program

Through the Tulane Shuttle Affiliate Ridership Program, affiliates (no guest allowed) of Tulane University are allowed to ride the fixed shuttle lines operated by Tulane Shuttles & Transportation. To participate in this program, the affiliate Splash Cards must have a valid Affiliate Ridership sticker affixed to it. This sticker can be obtained by completing the Tulane Shuttle Affiliate Ridership Program 

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Form and bringing it to the Campus Services office in the Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 107.

This program is limited to the Diboll Green Line, the Commons Green line, Green Wave Line, and the Weekend Red Line. This program is not valid for the International Grocery Lines or TransLoc On-Demand services. Participation in this program must be renewed annually beginning on January 1. 

For more information on the Affiliate Ridership Program, contact the Campus Services office in the Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 107 or by phone at (504) 865-5441.

Ridership Rules

No open food or drinks are allowed on Tulane shuttles. Food must remain in a closed container and all drinks must have a lid. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on shuttles.

No smoking or vaping is permitted on shuttles. For more information, review the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy.  

Tulane shuttle drivers are expected to focus on driving. Please keep conversations with the driver to a minimum. Riders must listen to all driver instructions and carefully listen for their appropriate stop.

  • Riders must remain seated while the vehicle is in motion, unless the vehicle is equipped with overhead grab rail with handles.
  • When exiting the vehicle, please proceed with caution and gather all personal belongings. Tulane Shuttles & Transportation is not responsible for any belongings left on the vehicle.
  • If a rider wishes to use the bike rack, they must verbally inform the driver before placing their bike in the rack. Upon entering the vehicle, riders must let the driver know at which stop they will exit and collect the bike.
  • Tulane shuttles are public spaces. Please be mindful of phone or personal conversations.
  • Riders who wish to listen to music are expected to use headphones. Please be mindful that the volume of music in headphones can be distracting to other passengers.