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Policy for Chartering Ground Transportation




I. Purpose

Tulane University, in furtherance of its mission as an institution of higher education, provides a number of educational/instructional experiences and opportunities which involve group travel and/or require ground transportation services. When chartering any ground transportation services, it is mandatory that faculty and staff of all University schools, departments, units, and/or organizations follow the measures outlined in this Policy, in order to support safe, efficient and cost effective transportation services for the University Community and reduce potential liability to the University and themselves.


II. Applicability

This Policy applies to any University school, department, unit, and/or organization (hereinafter “requestor”) that desires to charter ground transportation services*, whether for an off-campus or an on-campus event. For this Policy to apply, the ground transportation must a) relate to a University-sponsored or sanctioned activity or event**, including but not limited to student organization and summer camp activities, undergraduate or graduate courses or practicums, including but not limited to mandatory and non-mandatory field trips, and b) originate within the state of Louisiana (hereinafter “University business”). If the ground transportation services originate outside of the state of Louisiana, this Policy shall not apply.

If you are uncertain whether this Policy applies to a particular activity or event, contact the University Shuttles Manager at 314.7435 or the Risk Manager at 314.2289.


III. Procedure for Arranging Group Transportation

a. No less than five business days in advance of the transportation date, a Transportation Request Form must be submitted online through the Shuttles & Transportation Department website at rides.tulane.edu. The Transportation Request Form will allow the requestor to select two pre-approved transportation service providers, in order of preference, to handle the request in the event the Shuttles & Transportation Department cannot do so. A range of pre-negotiated rates for various vehicle sizes will be available on the Shuttles & Transportation Department website.

b. The Shuttles & Transportation Department will provide a trip confirmation email within one working day of the Transportation Request Form submission, which will include the estimated cost for the transportation services.

c. In the event the Shuttles & Transportation Department cannot accommodate the request with its own busses and drivers, then the Shuttles & Transportation Department will:

i. contact the approved transportation service provider listed as the requestor’s first choice on the Transportation Request Form to determine if that transportation service provider can accommodate the request. If not, the second choice will be contacted;

ii. send an email to the requestor advising which pre-approved transportation service provider will be handling the request, along with the contact information for the appropriate transportation service provider representative. The representative for the pre-approved transportation service provider will be copied on the email to the requestor; and

iii. pay the invoice from the pre-approved transportation service provider directly, and debit the account of the requestor through the Office of Accounting.

d. Upon receipt of the confirmation email from the Shuttles & Transportation Department per III.c.ii. above, the requestor will work directly with the preapproved transportation service provider to coordinate the details of the request. The Shuttles & Transportation Department manager should be copied on all correspondence between the requestor and the transportation service provider.

e. It is solely within the discretion of the Shuttles & Transportation Department to determine whether to i) use its own busses and drivers or ii) delegate authority to the requestor to arrange for transportation services directly with a pre-approved service provider.


IV. Transportation Services Providers Not On University-Approved List

No University school/department/unit/organization shall be permitted to charter ground transportation with any service provider not on the list of pre-approved transportation service providers when travel is for University business, except as otherwise set forth below. Periodic audits will be conducted to ensure compliance with this Policy. The Shuttles & Transportation Department will make every effort to have an adequate number of pre-approved transportation service providers to meet the needs of the University community. In the event that no pre-approved transportation service provider can provide the requested transportation, and circumstances require consideration of a non-approved transportation service provider, the following process will be observed:

a. The Shuttles & Transportation Department will coordinate with the requestor to identify possible alternative options.

b. The requestor may independently contact alternative transportation service providers.

c. The Shuttles & Transportation Department will provide both the requestor and any identified alternative transportation service providers with the following information:

i. Tulane’s insurance requirements for transportation service providers; and

ii. Tulane’s Transportation Services Agreement

d. Upon receipt of an executed Transportation Services Agreement and a valid certificate of insurance, the Shuttles & Transportation Department will issue a onetime approval waiver for the transportation service provider.

e. No transportation service provider will be permitted to provide transportation under this Policy unless the Tulane insurance requirements are met and the Transportation Services Agreement is executed.

f. Transportation chartered through Shuttles & Transportation is available to non-affiliates only if the passengers are part of a Tulane sanctioned or sponsored event. The sponsoring department must have a department representative on the van or bus with the visiting group. Shuttles & Transportation will pick up this representative at the requested location before picking up the visiting group. The department representative must be a staff member, not a student worker or graduate student. The department representative will instruct the driver when to leave the pick-up location and proceed to the drop-off location. Please include the department representative contact information in the Notes section on the transportation request form found at rides.tulane.edu.

i. A department representative is not required to ride the van or bus if transportation begins and ends on the uptown campus.

ii. An outside group renting space on campus for an event that is not a Tulane-sponsored event is not eligible for transportation through Shuttles & Transportation.



* any vehicle with a hired driver, including but not limited to a motor coach, mini-bus, school bus, van, or limousine (excluding those required for evacuation needs)

** i.e., whether or not the activity or event is wholly or partially funded by the University or any of its schools, departments, units or organizations